Talk dirty to us. Nobody knows foam cleaning better than us.


Keep your family safe

Pressure washing with foam gun is simply the most efficient way to clean your home’s harmful grime and dirt. Pressure Wash Tech blasts these potentially dangerous substances away without using any harmful substance.

• Achieve A professional car wash cleaning in the convenience of your own driveway.
• Easy to use just connect it to your hose or pressure washing machine.
• Spend less time and money using this Foam gun rather than a commercial car wash.



Save Water

The foam gun is designed with a function button that allows you to adjust the water and foam ratio.


Pressure Wash Tech cleans by connecting to a pressure washer, or hose that blasts water without using toxic chemicals.

Easy to Use

Fill the bottle with soap, attach it to a pressure washer, and your good to go. Easy to connect and to operate.


Experience the difference.

Efficient foam cleaning

Produces a thick foam which suds melt rods and dirty on paint. Thus it reduces swirl marks and scratches.

Ultimate cleaning kit

This premium high-pressure, leak-proof soap foam gun with a wash bottle is essential for use with your pressure washer.

Adjustable Foam Lance

The foam gun has a front, rotating adjustable nozzle that can change the jet pattern: water column and wide fan.
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